Writing for Social Change: A Community-Engaged Learning Experience

Professor: Andrea Williams
Course code: WRR314
Format: Lecture/Discussion

About this course

Given the climate crisis, how do environmental organizations use communication to advance their aims? This community-engaged learning course uses theories of social change and persuasion to examine a variety of genres. Through collaboration with a campus or other community partner, students will apply their academic learning and skills to writing-related projects that address human and community needs in a reciprocal manner. Activities and reflections will provide opportunities for students to strengthen critical thinking and communicative competencies. Writing projects may involve composing texts in multimodal and/or digital forms.

What you'll learn

  • How to apply rhetorical theories to develop professional communication projects for environmental organizations 
  • You will learn about rhetoric as you refine and reflect on your writing processes and practice writing in multiple genres
  •  You will learn strategies to inform and persuade a variety of audiences about environmental issues

Course highlights

You will create a variety of multimodal communication projects such as social media and web content for community partners. Through reading, discussion, writing, and collaborative projects involving feedback from peers, your instructor, and community partners, you will hone your ability to work constructively with your peers and learn strategies to inform and persuade a variety of audiences about environmental issues.   

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Good to know

Recommended preparation:

Exclusions: INI414H1, WRR414H1

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