Seminar in Creative Writing

Professor: Kelli Deeth
Course code: WRR311Y1
Format: Seminar

About this course

Everyone tells stories. But what is “story,” and why does it matter? What distinguishes mediocre from masterful storytelling, the shallow from the profound — and how can you learn to find, and develop, your own powerful stories? In this introductory workshop-based seminar, you will explore the possibilities, challenges, and thrills of fiction writing. What stories do you most want — or need — to tell? You’ll be encouraged to delve deep, have fun, and take risks. The result is that you’ll become a more skilled, confident, and knowledgeable writer and reader.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about and practice the key elements of fiction writing.
  • Share your work with peers, and learn how to improve it through the drafting process.

Course highlights

In WRR311, you will read stories from a variety of fictional genres and styles. You’ll be encouraged to write the stories you most want to write, in whatever genre and style most excites you.

This course is an introduction to fiction writing and open to all students. No specific background or experience is required. Taking WRR211 is neither required for nor detrimental to taking this course.

Your instructor

Kelli Deeth

Stories emerge from paying attention to our experience, and noticing patterns and connections. My own writing has followed the places I’ve lived like a trail. When I teach, I encourage students to reflect on their relationship to places and people that have shaped them, and to their passions. As we read and discuss stories together, I support students in choosing any genre to express what they want to say.

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