Advanced Academic Writing

Professor: Cynthia Messenger
Course code: WRR317H1
Format: Lecture/Discussion

About this course

The course covers various kinds of academic writing, including the essay, the long form book review, the annotated bibliography, and the undergraduate thesis. Students learn to recognize the rhetorical frames, persuasive strategies, elements of style, and uses of scholarly evidence that are features of academic writing. Readings include academic and non-academic prose from a variety of disciplines. Through reading, research, reflection, writing, and citation of sources, students learn to engage in the scholarly conversation that is foundational to all advanced academic writing. Students will develop voices as writers in dialogue with other writers, scholars, and commentators.

What you’ll learn

  • Advance your writing and analytical skills by learning to recognize persuasive strategies, elements of style, and modes of argument.
  • Learn to synthesize research and use scholarly evidence to support your claims.

Course highlights

While no experience in conducting research is required to take this course, we ask you to come armed with an interest in academic writing and in conducting research. 

A personal note from your instructor

Cynthia Messenger

Cynthia Messenger

I have designed Advanced Academic Writing knowing that undergraduates can become adept at in-depth analysis of ideas if they are properly equipped with analytical techniques. This course gives students the analytical techniques and other essential tools needed to produce excellent research-based writing.

Good to know

Recommended preparation:

Exclusions: WRR203H1

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